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if we can find some peace of mind intertwined [entries|friends|calendar]
this was my ego.

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[12 May 2005|03:04pm]
my new livejournal name is highcontrastfly.
debile is retarded. [honestly!]
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[12 May 2005|06:24am]
i always unfocus my vision for long durations of time and i wonder if it makes me look retarded or anything.

the singer of cake [which is presently playing in the drawing room] has a voice that is billy joe of greenday combined with beck.
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i dont wanna write this down. [11 May 2005|10:49pm]
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life's a _ sex is _ [11 May 2005|02:38pm]
i hope it storms for the next seven ish hours. briana told me her and caitlin pierce brainstormed this idea in third hour that they were going to write a sob story to Dr. Phil and try to get me a paid tuition to SAIC. ha, ha. watch me meet dr phil and the rest of the nation behind a camera lens

i like the beastie boys so much. and im going to see the mars volta on sunday.
my mood ring is forest green right now and that never happens.

compensating for a shitty entry.
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[10 May 2005|10:32pm]
don't tell scott this, but while we [anthony dave and i] visited him at work [subway], we snuck in the back cooler, turned the light off, and had a party.
i think norm macdonald is funny. i think dirty work is really, really funny.
im getting a black hole tattooed to the back of my neck. or the star of infinity. black hole would be cool though. just a black circle. arygt

dont miss an all new episode ! ha ! ha! [10 May 2005|06:20pm]
today's probably the best day of my life because i bought a close up lens set for my camera. and i want people to come over and i can VIOLATE them.

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the road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom! ! ! [09 May 2005|02:24pm]
well i have to go to work from three to ten but we have the big sub order today so hopefully i can do that so that i can zone out. when i'm at work, i catch myself being so incredibly and unneccessarily polite, it's ridiculous. my voice moves up an octave and everything. and i smile and use eye contact at the right moment. the people at my work are so pathetic. my boss came in, and told the same story three times, about how she was hit on by an old man. something like he goes "where are you going so fast pretty lady" and she says "i have to woark to make a living!" like that's a punchline or something. and anyways, she says it, and when the half-witted deli fucktarded girl i was working with heard it, she gets all close to the boss and whispers, "renee... ... was he black???" i mean, how do you respond to hearing something like this.
it makes my eyes twitch.

alright, my hair is sassy, so that must mean today will be great!and since im having a hard time reaching homeostasis, or at least those are the signals my body's sending me, i figure ill settle for whatever at this point. heterostasis har har har.

lastly, my livejournal layout is so chic.
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[08 May 2005|09:13am]
LAST NIGHT I HAd this double dream. so i'm in my dream, dreaming that my dad has sent me a book from the dead, explaining how your life affects the afterlife, and i am reading it seeing how much i'll be suffering, the whole time hoping it's not true because i hope so much the afterlife does not exist. so i wake up in my dream, and remember that my dad wrote in the book that for proof i can summon him at anytime. so i say something like dad come here, and he comes in the room (wearing his worn black jeans and maroon three button down shirt tucked in under his massive beer belly). and i hug him and tell him i miss him so much and things like that, and i ask him if the book is all true about a hundred times over and then i get really mad that i strayed off the path and fucked everything up for myself thinking the entire time i was being smart. and yes it was pretty awful.

and now i'm awake and my brother is home for a few days. he brought his grand rapids girlfriend. her name is lucy ann, or something really northern michigan-like. i havent seen her yet, i hope she's not so stupid it's ridiculous, like the last two.
anyways, id like to be stripped of everything i have. im going to go take a shower. no, im not. im not sure what to do, really. hm.
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[07 May 2005|11:17pm]

Your Birthdate: May 12

Being born on the 12th day of the month (3 energy) is likely to add a good bit of vitality to your life.

The energy of 3 allows you bounce back rapidly from setbacks, physical or mental.

There is a restlessness in your nature, but you seem to be able to portray an easygoing, sometimes "couldn't care less" attitude.

You have a natural ability to express yourself in public, and you always make a very good impression.

Good with words, you excel in writing, speaking, and possibly singing.

You are energetic and always a good conversationalist.

You have a keen imagination, but you tend to scatter your energies and become involved with too may superficial matters.

Your mind is practical and rational despite this tendency to jump about.

You are affectionate and loving - but very sensitive.

You are subject to rapid ups and downs.

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[07 May 2005|10:37pm]

it has been brought to my attention that give it away is the best song in the universe. down to the barely audible morse code beeping that contradicts the simple and awesome as fuck slidey bassline and twinkly guitar. dont ask me about the drums and vocals though, ill have to listen to those next time.

no, now. [07 May 2005|04:43pm]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

meow meow. good morning! a lovely morning to be Shore. i look like such a sloob. im such an asshole to myself, i seriously love to make myself miserable. and for some reason the smell of chicken noodle soup's been in my nose all day today. which in fact was never separated from yesterday by a moment of R.E.M or N.R.E.M.

everybody hurts ha. ha. ha.
john frusciante is my god. i pray to him every night. i kiss his feet. he cured me of lepracy. im so poetic.

I LIKE ART. [07 May 2005|08:55am]
so this was last night. in the refrigerator? what? who the fuck are we?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

m,ore.Collapse )

there is one more picture that looks like the beginning of a homosexual threesome, but i will not post it without the three males' permission. actually, IM NOT SHOWING YOU UNLESS YOU LET ME POST IT IN LIVEJOURNAL HA HA HA.
-okay it's in there now, with dave's permission. so if youre pissed take it out on him.
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Antidepressants are a bad idea.What is wrong is not inside. [06 May 2005|08:18am]
my third hour consisted of the radiohead website and secondhand pink floyd because i can hear it next door in ms ritchies room.

except the cd just switched and they're listening to cream now.

i haev to go now
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[05 May 2005|09:34pm]
the rules:
go to images.google.com and type in your answers.
post the first postable image result for each.

here we goCollapse )

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[05 May 2005|05:09pm]
keoki! can you carve the turkey? you know i cant bare to!
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[04 May 2005|09:52am]
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[04 May 2005|08:17am]
i didnt go to school today, and i forgot i was supposed to go with ms ritchie and mrs uhhh what the fuck is her name oh yeah ritter today to Lee Printing to get our voices edition published. shit. that's okay though, if i were to go, mrs orangaprange would be all up on me for my 100 speed film that i need to shoot for her stupid assignment. i saw her final exam the other day for oakland, and it sucked. my photography teacher sucks royally at photography. but i never let her critique my photos so hopefully her awful style didn't rub off on me. though she did subject me to her shitty ass hallmark-style photos. yucka.

my mom got in a car accident and has to use my car so i dont have one for a while. im a lot better at being normal in the morning. then as the day progresses i gradually get more and more flustered and by the end of the day im the equivalent of Gauguin's "Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?"

except when i first wake up all of my dream-doors are still open and i float around chanting things in my head until i catch myself and wonder if i should be a surrealist painter. la la la. right now though, i'm golden. right now im analyzing myself and that is the last thing i should be doing. especially writing it down right here. because ill read this later and decide ohgodeveryonemustthingimsoridiculous.

but that's for the end of the day. for now, ive got my bitter coffee and water damaged dostoyevsky.holyshitholyshitholyshitimnotsmartenoughfuckfuckfuck.
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passitonpassitonpassitonpassiton [03 May 2005|02:52pm]
random drawings.Collapse )

man i wish i could be all happy free spirited pass it on jimi hendrix like but instead im all only important decision whether or not to kill yourself nothing and everything blah blah balh shit.

and last night i had a dream that i was sitting on the couch watching a shakespeare [except it seemed more like edgar allen poe] play with my dad and grandpa, and they were very happy to see that i had shared the same interest as them. it made me really sad and cryie when i woke up.

i left my body i left my fate but it so hard to keeep away ay. [02 May 2005|10:37pm]
man i got my social security letter and theyre not giving me money till like summer. shitty shitty no car. whatever im not worried. if it breaks down ill just get physically active and then my ENDORPHINES will pump through me and save me from my mess anywayss i hate how physical everything is.

and also i want a therapist real bad. i want to lay down and say everything in the world and get it justified and fixed if need be. man. im saving up for a therapist.
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[02 May 2005|02:22pm]
ill communication is such a good album.

and my birthdays next week, im getting my face pierced up and down.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

just some pictures of today and one collage im working on.Collapse )
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